Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Week In Greece

Greece BeachHotel RigasStreets of Afytos, HalkidikiHalkidiki MuseumHotel Rigas Restaurant ViewHotel Rigas View

September 2016

Believe it or not but up until now I had never actually been on a holiday of just sun, sea and sand - and absolutely nothing else! So it's safe to say I was pretty f*cking excited to be going to Greece this year to do just that.

With thousands of beautiful islands, it was pretty difficult to decide on where exactly to go but our final pick was none other than Afytos, Halkidiki. It's a pretty small village in Northern Greece but just like the majority of Greece - it's stunning! Plus the local residents were all so friendly :)

If you're looking for a hotel with surreal views then I'd definitely recommend Hotel Rigas - it's incredible. The majority of my week was spent lounging by the pool, relaxing by the beach and drinking a lot of cocktails!

A week went by way too quickly and before I knew it I was back in gloomy London with a bad case of holiday blues. Guess that means it's time to plan another trip away right?

Pooja x

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  1. This blog is absolutely amazing! The pictures look fabulous and very well done. Keep it up and look forward to your future posts!