Sunday, 2 September 2018

Beautiful Bali

July 2018.

Although I've been lucky enough to visit a fair few countries already, there was always one bucket list destination that I've been wanting to visit for as long as I can remember. Bali.

Now it's no secret that as Instagram grew, so did the number of people wanting to visit Bali. From stunning Balinese villas with private pools to giant swings in the middle of the jungle, photos of this idyllic country seemed to be all over Instagram - and now it was my turn!

The reason behind my Bali visit was actually another family wedding - convenient right?! To begin my 2 week adventure, we headed to Ubud where we were able to truly experience the traditional Balinese culture. An early morning visit to the Tegallalang Rice Terrace offered panoramic views of the green cascading rice paddies off into the distance. Whilst a visit to the old temples and palaces gave an insight into the beautiful Balinese culture.

From Ubud we made our way to Uluwatu for the wedding which offered a completely different and more laid back vibe of Bali with beautiful beaches and luxury villas overlooking the Indian Ocean. The actual wedding was held at Plenilunio Villa and honestly words can't even describe how breathtaking this villa is - especially at sunset!

After the wedding, we ended off our Bali trip to a visit to Seminyak filled with visits to traditional Balinese spas and a taste of Bali's entertainment and ambient dining at Potato Head Beach Club.

Bali was everything I expected and more and there's no doubt I will be returning in the future!

Pooja x


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